The second major blockbuster exhibit in the short history of the Canadian Museum for Human Rights,
Beyond the Beat: Music of Resistance and Change was a passion project.
 From the Curation to the Design, to the Media Production (that's me), to the tech,
to the collections and artifact handling, the team's love of music really shows throughout.

In terms of media production, this was more than just getting videos onto the screen. Lighting Design, Projection Mapping, UI Design, and Sound Design were required to bring the nine major interactives to life. Plus the nine smaller multi-video interactives, there are close to 90 separate pieces of media in the exhibit, all activated by RFID cards handed out to visitors that activated the media in the language of their choice.
A small preview from the CBC highligting the Sonic Experience and the Radio interactives, in which I had major roles. The Sonic Experience included the lighting design and programming to sync the lights to the video content, as well as projection mapping to the space. And for the Radio I created and animated the "screen", integrating captions and sign language translation into the design.
As well as recording and editing the audio content with Canadian Hip-Hop artist Shad as the narrator.
There's so much media to show in this exhibit I haven't had a chance to capture it all.
Stay tuned for in-depth looks at all the content!

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