As a music fanatic I love radio, and have had experience announcing on a major market FM station CURVE 94.3FM in Winnipeg, as well as the station where I got my start, 92.9 KICK FM Winnipeg.

CURVE 94.3 FM WinnipegIpp

A CHUM Radio station, CURVE branded itself as Winnipeg's Pop Alternative/Real Music Variety and played music ranging from Nirvana to Jack Johnson to Lady Gaga, and is targeted towards a 20-30's age group. As a weekend announcer I hosted my shift live on-air introducing the songs played, read sales and promotions liners, took calls from listeners, as well as personal bits targeted towards the audience. I also took part in CURVE events, representing the station in person, and online on the CURVE Blog.

The following is a sample of my time on-air at CURVE 94.3FM.

92.9 KICK FM Winnipeg

For two years I have been a part of the 92.9 KICK FM radio team, from reading the morning sports, creating features, ads, splitters, and hosting my own mid-morning show. I shared my show with my co-host Vanessa Mancini Friday mornings.

Disc Jockey - Hosting/Co-Hosting

Here are examples of hosting my music program, and time co-hosting with Vanessa.

Co-Hosting Mid-Morning Show

Hosting Mid Morning Show

Band Interview & Profile

The following is an interview with local artist New Renaissance. As well as an episode of Punk-ED, a series of short band profiles I created for KICK FM that played in the regular KICK rotation.

Interview with Jordan Vandal from Winnipeg Band; New Renaissance

Punk-ED Band Profile on The Flatliners

Technology News

Tech-Talk segment on Microsoft "Project Natal" (Now known as Kinect)

Game Preview on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Sports and Entertainment

World Cup 2010 South Africa Qualifying Re-cap

Vinyl Record Sales

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