I’ve been given the opportunity of a lifetime to be involved with the Canadian Museum for Human Rights. This shining beacon in the center of Winnipeg will bring in countless people to experience the Museum. The richness of the stories of the exhibits will be an experience that many will never forget, and that is not even counting the state of the art technology presenting the stories.

As a Production Artist I am on the ground floor for the creation of the digital aspects for the exhibit spaces. Unfortunately for confidentiality reasons I cannot display any of my exhibit work, including any interviews filmed for the Oral History Project.

I can however display other work completed for the museum for promotional, informational, or social media. The following are samples of work completed for the Canadian Museum for Human Rights.


“These are some of thethe best architectural photos I’ve ever seen.”
-Antoine Predock, CMHR Architect

A large part of my job, photos are used for reports, social media and promotional materials. Many of my photos were featured in prominent design/architecture site DesignBoom. View the Article

Antoine Predock Architects will be using these photos as the CMHR is being featured in at exhibit at the 2014 Biennale di Venezia Architettura.

Video Production

While most of my video production work is for the exhibits, the Museum had a special visit from The Tenors in 2012. This video is available in Closed Captioning and Descriptive Audio (English and French).



Created for the CMHR blog this interactive day in the life of the museum, gives a great sense of the scale of the building while showing off a beautiful Manitoba day. Watch closely for the workers installing the glass panels. Click image to activate.




Being part of the CMHR's Design team requires work on countless small small projects, for example this billboard which greated visitors as they exit from the Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport on Wellington Avenue.

And larger projects like the 2011 Annual Report. Designed from the bottom up, and features many photos taken during the construction of the CMHR.
Download it here